ProLift By ShoulderDolly®

The ProLift® is a Professional Lifting Harness. This product is ideal for warehouse workers and appliance installers who will be moving objects on a daily basis. 

The ProLift® uses your legs and shoulders to lift objects, making the load feel lighter. This allows a hands-free experience to maneuver around doors, 

This kit includes everything that a professional will need - padded harnesses, moving strap, tension buckles, snap-locks, and a carrying case. The ProLift® works for both men and women, regardless of height - the vest and lifting Straps are fully adjustable.

The ProLift® allows for your hands and arms to be free to open doors

Recommended Carrying Capacity – up to 1000 lbs!


  • 2 fully adjustable, padded harnesses
  • 1 moving strap 12′ long x 5″ wide – Nylon
  • 2 specialty tension buckles
  • 4 Snap-Locks
  • Carrying Bag
  • Instruction Manual

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