Tips and Tricks

Moving is difficult and maneuvering stairs is the most technical and awkward part of the moving process. Here are a few tips and tricks to ease the pain! 

  • Lift the object at least 8" off the ground in order to clear the height of each stair. 
  • The lifter at the bottom of the stairs MUST keep their arms in a straight and locked position on the object - not doing so will allow the object to gravitate towards your face and chest. 
  • If one lifter is significantly taller, this lifter should be on the bottom.
  • Communication is key. Make sure that the lead lifter is counting off the stairs to the other. 
  • Make sure to check the height of the ceiling on the stairs. You may need to flip the object on its side in order to not hit the ceiling. 
  • The ShoulderDolly and Prolift can move objects up to 10' in length - such as a 9' couch or a king size mattress. They can also move small objects such as a nightstand. Make sure to tie up the excess webbing so that you do not trip. 

Keeping the object vertical can be a challenge, but doing so will make the move easier. Here are a few advanced techniques to accomplish that: 

  • Have the lead lifter take their hand and place it on top of the object and pull it towards them. 
  • At the same time, have the same lifter use their knee/foot to push against the bottom of the object (near the moving strap). The object should slide just enough to help level the object and take the pressure of the bottom lifter's arms and wrists. 
  • If there is a landing present, it may be helpful to set the object down and readjust the moving strap.