"Bought another famous brand which has 2 narrower straps and uses the forearms to lift. All I can say is putting the load on your shoulders is infinitely more forgiving to your upper body. My wife had some mild bruising on her skin from using the other style lift and this put all the weight on wide shoulder straps. The other device is a 3.5 out of 5. This is 5.0 out of 5 when lifting the same exact loaded freezer! Highly recommended!

My other experience moving heavy appliances involves an appliance dolly which retail for over $140. While they are better for single person moves and moving up stairs, this is the best 2 person lifting design on the market. That being said, I have not attempted to use this on stairs and I am not sure I would try. Look for other reviews if you need to know about stair performance."
~Gear Maven

"I never write reviews for the things I buy. This one definitely deserves one. My buddy and I had to move a 600 pound buckstove down into his cellar and it would not have been possible without this product. I have read reviews saying this is only good on level ground and, that is a lie. When you are going down the stairs or up just tighten up the strap. The object will be higher off the ground lift with you legs and not your back. This product allows you to balance the object with both hands as your are walking! You don’t have to worry about smashing your fingers as the object is getting put down! This product is hands down one of the best investments I have bought to date."
~ Tyler W.

"Can't believe I haven't bought these before now and can't ever see myself moving without them. They worked great! We moved my daughter from her second story apartment at school and had to park a half block down and these were a godsend. I had watched YouTube videos about them, and was glad to find they were worth the money."

"These are wonderful. My two 20 something old daughters used these moving a complete 2 bedroom apartment that is upstairs using these. They made moving so much easier. Easy to operate The only little thing is trying to balance the object (couch, chair etc) when walking up the stairs. It isn't hard but takes a little getting use to it. I would definitely recommend this item to anyone. You cannot beat the price for it either!"

"Awesome.....Awesome.....Awesome. Recently purchased these over the forearm forklift. I definitely took a gamble on it but it paid off. Recently had to move a series of large furniture. This made moving my 23 cubic foot fridge super easy. Not to say it's a breeze, since moving never is. This did make it a lot easier and it frees up your hands to help guide the furniture through narrow doorways. If you've ever moved before I'm sure most can agree that it can be a pain in the butt trying to life and maneuver a big piece of furniture. So do yourself a favor if you're already trying to save some money by moving yourself then I'd highly recommend investing in this."
~Sandy T

"This harness allowed me and my wife to lift a full sized freezer up a flight of basement stairs, across a yard, and into a Uhaul. The task would have been impossible without this item and the orange Forearm Forklift Lifting and Moving Straps.
Tip: When tightening the strap, bend at the knees when tightening. Straightening your legs will lift the furniture."

"Yes,it is far more expensive than other "Shoulder Dolly" products.The cheap ones are all fakes. I tried one.It was dangerous.I bought this instead.It works safely and perfectly.Is it worth it ? Yes because my wife felt confident lifting and moving furniture with it. I refused to let her even try the fake product I previously bought .When we are done with it we can sell it . So the net cost is very small. I'll keep it becuse it is so much easier to lift heavy items using your legs and shoulders instead of your finger tips. Highly recommended."
~M.S. Davenport

"These are amazing! Our movers cancelled the last minute and buying these was a last ditch effort to save our backs. My husband and I moved all our furniture and appliances thanks to these."
~Brittany Coyle

"These are actually very good for moving. We used it to move a 500+ lbs piano and it was fairly easy to move considering we had to move it by hand the first time and it was a pain. I would recommend this to anyone, as long as you have decent lower body strength this will work like a breeze. The quality of the product is very nice as well, really gives you confidence when lifting heavy objects."

"Wow, this makes my work so much easier! I'm HVAC contractor, and sometimes have to carry equipment, where can't use hand truck. With this ShoulderDolly the 200 lb condenser felt like 30lb. Money very well spent!"

"The shoulder dolly worked better than expected. I wish I would have had them years ago. The learning curve was small, and setup was pretty easy..I am sure I'll use them in the future. What I told my son is I may not be as strong as years ago, so I have to use my head more."
~John I

"Great at moving heavy items. My husband and I are in our early 40s and I don't work out. Together we moved a fridge, a stove and a washer up stairs, down stairs, and into a truck all in 1 day."
~ Bridget 

"My wife and I moved every piece of furniture we own from the garage into the new house. Back-saver! We love these things! Don't move without them! You'll be shocked by what you and the wife can lift!"
~John H  

"I was skeptical at best, especially after seeing it or a similar product on an infomercial on TV. But the prior reviews here were good and...I needed to move a 575lb Viking Range from a detached garage, across the driveway, up on stair and maneuver it around an island to it's final resting spot in our new kitchen. I planned to use an air sled - reserved one to rent at the local equipment rental place."


"I'm no body builder, stronger than average, but it was enough. 2 guys strapped up the Range and successfully moved it - all 575lbs of it."

"Who woulda thunk??? Woulda paid twice for it if I knew beforehand it was going to work that well.... getting it delivered same day was just a bonus. Recommend it with full stars."
~Todd M  

"I rarely give reviews, but this product is FANTASTIC! I am a single girl with a treadmill. Its hard to find help moving so this was purchased as a marketing tool to schmooze some extra helpers. Long story short, extra help was not to be had and we didn't need it thanks to this product. We marched that treadmill up from the basement in less than 5 minutes!!! No damages to US, the treadmill or the walls/stairs, etc. We were both amazed to say the least! It really allows the person going backwards to focus on their stability. I was able to grab the railings and move up the stairs backwards without issue. Easy Peasy!"

"We used it on all the other large pieces of furniture and it worked like a charm! We were both amazed how well this worked. Especially since we are so different in size (5'1" and 6'4"). I will never move again without this! I will never feel bad that I have a huge treadmill (I actually use it...not as a clothes hanger). I feel great the next day-no back issues, muscle strain, etc. The only recommendation I would make is that being my smaller size, the wide straps could use some padding where they hit on your shoulders. But I just pulled the collar of my shirt up for a barrier. No big deal! Didn't seem to bother my partner. This was the best $40 I have ever spent. Hardware was legit and straps were all perfect. I cannot say enough good about this product!"

"These furniture moving straps are AWESOME! My wife and I moved a majority of the furniture in our house using these. The shoulder straps are a little large, especially if you're on the shorter side (my wife is 5'1", I'm 5'8"), but they still work great, even though the harness hangs a little lower than intended. The material is very strong, and once you get the hang of using them, you feel like you can move almost anything. Stairs can be a challenge, especially if you're shorter, but you can use these to move furniture up or down levels. I think the biggest endorsement I can give these is this: We ordered a 2 man moving service to help our move, and they used these exact same straps! I guess if the guys who move stuff everyday use these, they have to be pretty good."

"Keep having to help friends move. Decided to check this out after watching the delievery guys use something like this. Loved now even my wife can help me move large items like a new 50gal hot water heater and an old washer with out a problem. It's worth every penny but make sure your order the shoulder one and not the wrist dolly got that one too ended up giving it away."
~Amazon Customer

"This is the one you need! Forget the other cheaper imitators. With this lifting harness, my 73yr old father and I were easily able to lift and move a massive refrigerator from one end of the house to the other. This is much better than forearm straps and distributes the load enough to not feel like you're going to blow out a disc when you lift heavy objects. 10/10 worth every penny!"

"If I could give it six stars, I would. I had seen these before but poo pooed them off as "as seen on TV" items. Recently we decided to "upgrade" our LG fridge that we HATED, with a new 26' cubic foot, five door Whirlpool. In our house, the fridges work their way out the door via the laundry room where our 14 year old Amana counter depth model had been residing since buying the LG. So the Amana had to come out, and the LG had to be moved around the corner into the laundry room into the Amana's place. With just the two of us I was thinking "how the heck are we going to do this without killing ourselves or wrecking the floor"! I remembered these and thought "for this price, let's try it" So in waiting for Lowes to deliver the new whirly, the Shoulder Dolly arrived. First we tried it on a very heavy wooden wine cabinet (full of wine) WOW, piece of cake! Then the real test. We had to get the Amana out, over the threshold, and down that stupid step every garage seems to have and into the garage. We strapped these things on, put the strap under the fridge and LIFTED THE DANG THING RIGHT OFF THE FLOOR! It was a bit top heavy but once we figured out where to put our hands, we easily lifted it out the door and into the garage. Just the two of us. By this time Lowes had come and gone and our brand new Whirly was sitting in the garage and looked like Godzilla, are we going to be able to do this?"

"Well moving the LG (I know, long story, get a glass of wine) turned out to be a nightmare. The fridge was wider than the laundry room door so we had to take all the doors off and the drawer out (it's a three door French door model with ice maker/water in the door) What a PITA that was. When it was delivered it came in the front door which is 36" wide. So we got it moved to the laundry, then were faced with the new one. So either remove all five doors to go through the laundry room, or take it all the way around the front of the house, up on the porch, over the threshold and into the house via the wide front door..Yep..That's what we did. I took every part that would come off from inside the fridge to lighten it a bit (I think the shipping weight is somewhere around 400 pounds) and we decided to lift the fridge and have my mom slide a piano dolly under it. So here we go..1, 2, 3, LIFT! up that monster went, and mom slid the dolly under it. We managed to wheel it all the way around the house without it falling off the dolly and killing one of us then we were faced with lifting it one step up on the porch. So now we had to lift it high enough to get the piano dolly out, sit it back down to recoup then lift it again up on the porch and through the door. Well that went fine. It BARELY fit through the door by less than 1/2" so we wrapped it to protect it. These things are amazing. I don't recommend everyone to go out and move a monster fridge with it, but my point is those videos you see are real. No styrofoam washing machines! I wish I had discovered these years ago. Would have saved a lot of back wear! I actually have a youtube video that my mom did of us getting it up on the porch. Wish I could post it here! Best I could do were screen shots of the video on my phone. There is no piano dolly under the fridge in these pictures, we are carrying it."
~John V. Winn - Top 1000 Amazon Reviewer

"I was looking for a solution to move a generator approx. 200lbs. I saw this online, read reviews and watched umpteen videos to make sure I wasn't buying a lemon. I used it this weekend to move the generator from my second floor patio to the garage. I am 5'5" (140lbs) and my boyfriend is 6' (200lbs). We were able to adjust the straps to account for our height difference and elevation changes as we went downstairs. We were able to use our hands to stabilize the box and keep three points of contact on the stairs. Best of all: no sore backs, no slips or pinches. I will most likely buy another strap for things like couches or mattresses. Overall great product!! #physicsworks <3"

"...Its like having Chuck Norris as a backpack.....When Chuck Norris does a pushup, he isn't lifting himself up, he's pushing the Earth down just remember that, because this thing is seriously awesome."

"I would consider myself a capable person, but this moving harness made me feel like I had super strength, I have been able to lift and move my refrigerator, washing machine, oven, barbecue grill, etc, from one place to another to replace them or clean around and under them. 

"The ease of use is unreal. Having this product in my car or in my toolbox has been a lifesaver in a lot of cases (and a back saver) I would compare the usefulness of this product to the need and necessity of having a Hammer in your toolbox or a spare tire in your car..... its one of those things you wish you had when you need it."