The Moving Straps Used By Pros

The Moving Straps Used By Pros

June 12, 2017

Professional movers and delivery people all around the world use ShoulderDolly everyday to help make their jobs safer and easier.

We did a quick search on YouTube and found a few of examples we’d like to share.

First, we found a video from a moving company called Moving Simplified titled “How Our Movers Protect Your Furniture”.  The video shows two employees using ShoulderDolly straps.

At about 28 seconds into the video, the company founder says “We also utilize ShoulderDolly which allows our employees to effortlessly lift and maneuver through any turns in your home.”

In the second example, a couple of employees of Headfirst Movers use their ShoulderDolly moving straps to navigate heavy furniture through narrow openings.

In the next example a pair of deliverymen use their ShoulderDolly straps to deliver a new Sears refrigerator to a customer’s home. The customer recorded the video and seemed quite impressed with our straps.

As you can see, our lifting straps are a favorite with professionals, but you don’t have to be a pro to benefit from them. Anyone can use our straps to make lifting and moving heavy objects safer and easier. If you’re interested in getting one for your home or business, visit our online ordering page.