SteadyLifter - Wheelbarrow Assist Strap



The SteadyLifter is a light weight harness to assist in lifting, stabilizing & moving heavy loads with your wheelbarrow. These straps allow you to distribute the weight of the load to your shoulders, easing strain to your hands and arms, thus making it easier to maneuver and stabilize heavy loads.

By freeing strain to your hands you can now focus on balancing heavy, awkward wheelbarrow loads and work faster and more efficiently. The SteadyLifter Makes Listing Easier.


  • Stabilize heavy wheelbarrow loads
  • Reduce strain to arm and hands
  • Move the bulk of the weight to your strongest muscles: Shoulders and Legs
  • No more tipping over wheelbarrows and starting over
  • Encorages proper lifting techniques


  • Includes shoulder harness with two cam buckles and wheelbarrow handle loops

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