Handy Lifter Instructions


Read all instructions and view this online video before use. Do not use this product unless you fully understand these instructions. Manufacturer is not responsible for any misuse or misrepresentation of the ShoulderDolly.®

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Quick Guide
While we recommend reading the detailed instructions, for those who have short attention spans, here you go!

Warning Icon Warning!

  • The HandyLifter™ by ShoulderDolly® does not make you stronger than you are without it.
  • Enclosed toe shoes are always recommended.
  • Do not use if you have physical limitations or injuries.
  • Always clear path of travel.
  • Know your lifting capability. The HandyLifter™ is designed to lift up to 65 lb (30 kg) maximum.
  • Always inspect lifting strap for signs of wear or damage before using. Do not use if strap is cut, frayed or damaged as this may reduce lifting capacity of the strap.
  • Keep these instructions for future reference.



 1. Adjust the length of the strap to loosely fit the object(s) being lifted.


 2. Insert the buckle until it clicks then orientate the handle to the desired lifting location.



 3. Adjust the strap through the buckle tofit the object snuggly and secure excessive strap material with integrated elastic bands.


 4. Using the HandyLifter™ as a shoulder strap allows for hook use.


 5. The hook provides a catch for bucket handles as well as items such as a plywood sheet, grocery bag etc.


 6. Hook can be used as a ledge to support a package/box/carton. Adjust strap so hook is approx. hip high as in illustration to accommodate object. Balance the load with both hands.