Sofa Furniture Bag (2 MIL)

Shoulder Dolly


  • FURNITURE (SOFA) MATTRESS BAG – Bag offers protection for your sofa in one easy step. Slide your sofa into this bag for a great way to keep it clean during moving
  • FURNITURE PROTECTION – One of the hazards of moving is snagging your mattress on other household items in the truck Bed. This sofa size bag helps prevent ugly snags and tears to your furniture
  • FURNITURE STORAGE – If you are planning to store your furniture before, during or after a move, you’ll find shoulder dolly’s bags are essential in deterring rodents and bugs from moving in
  • DURABILITY – This sofa sized bag is thick enough to provide durable, long-lasting protection for your furniture. Hang onto this Shoulder Dolly bag and use it for future moves, over and over again
  • WATERPROOF – Protect your mattress from rain, snow, wind damage and stains while moving and keep your expensive mattress looking nice. This bag is especially handy for use in an open truck Bed

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