7 Reasons Why ShoulderDolly Is More Effective Than Moving Dollies

7 Reasons Why ShoulderDolly Is More Effective Than Moving Dollies

June 12, 2017

For decades, the moving dolly has a been a useful tool for handling heavy objects. But moving companies and appliance delivery professionals have been rapidly switching over to more modern solutions like our ShoulderDolly system. Try it out by ordering online

Here are seven ways ShoulderDolly is better than a moving dolly:

  1. Portability – The ShoulderDolly moving straps are light, flexible, and can be taken almost anywhere. You could easily put them in a backpack. While a moving dolly could take up most of your trunk, ShoulderDolly straps could be placed anywhere in your car leaving your valuable trunk space free for bulky cargo.

  2. Safety – ShoulderDolly straps allow users to have proper lifting and carrying posture, even when climbing stairs. Remember the last time you saw someone pulling a heavy object up stairs with a moving dolly? Chances were their body was bending at weird angles as they struggled to tug the wheels up each stair step.

  3. All Terrain – Moving dollies work great on paved surfaces, but forget about trying to roll heavy items over grass, gravel, cobble-stones, or other uneven surfaces. The ShoulderDolly has no rolling wheels, so as long as your footwear can handle the surface, you can go pretty much anywhere.

  4. Free Hands – With ShoulderDolly straps, weight is properly supported by your shoulder and legs, leaving your hands free to open doors or move items out of the way.

  5. More Versatile – Some objects like a piano are just too big and awkward to be moved with a moving dolly, but ShoulderDolly straps have no problems with pianos.  Check out our testimonials and see how ShoulderDolly turned a tough job with four people into an easy job for two.

  6. Storage – Imagine being able to rearrange your living room or bedrooms whenever you felt like it. ShoulderDolly moving straps can be stored in a drawer, under your bed, or almost anywhere. Moving dollies are too big and awkward for convenient storage in most households.

  7. Reliable – The ShoulderDolly system is very simple and reliable. It includes a strap, harnesses and buckles. You never need to worry about flat tires, broken ball bearings in wheels, and other mechanical breakdowns that can happen with moving dollies.