Four-Wheeled Moving Dolly 12" x 18"

Shoulder Dolly


  • FURNITURE DOLLY – Couches, beds and appliances should be moved with the help of a sturdy dolly such as this one from Shoulder Dolly. Make sure you have one before taking on heavy loads.
  • 1,000-POUND CAPACITY – This dolly can hold up to 1,000 pounds – that’s half a ton. Use it for refrigerators, washers and dryers and any other household items that are too heavy to move by hand.
  • TWO SIZES – Choose 12 x 18 inches or 18 x 30 inches, or get dollies of both sizes. Friends and family members who show up to help you move will appreciate having one to use for bigger jobs.
  • MANAGEABLE LOADS – This dolly is a great help when you’re moving bulky items in small spaces, with four wheels to help you get you down the hall, around corners and out the door.
  • MOVERS’ DOLLY – You won’t see the professionals move heavy loads by hand and you shouldn’t either. This tough tool can stand up to a full day of moving activities.

Collections: Dollies

Type: Dolly

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